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  1. I read with great interest the recent article by Williams et al. entitled, How Much Does the Warm-Up Contribute to the Soccer Match-Day Load?. The only other know study to examine this topic was published from my lab – Vescovi & Klas (2018): Accounting for the warm-up: describing the proportion of total session demands in women’s field hockey – Female Athletes in Motion (FAiM) study, Int J Perf Analysis Sport, DOI:10.1080/24748668.2018.1525980. The outcomes between these two studies were similar for total distance (21% vs. 26% of total distance performed during warm-up) but differed for sprint distance (27% vs. 6% of sprint distance performed during warm-up). Additional studies are needed to better understand the total demands experienced by athletes for an entire session, inclusive of the warm-up.

    Dr. Jason D. Vescovi

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