Contextual factors and aerobic fitness influence match running performance in elite soccer


  1. The author conducted the analysis using hierarchical linear regression and not not hierarchical linear modeling. The former assumes independence of at the measurement level, but the latter explicitly models non-independence. In this case measures (repeated games on the same players) are not-independent, thus hierarchical modeling should have been used to analyse the dataset. In addition whilst position and match location can be viewed as time-independent predictors (i.e. level 2 predictors), vVO2max can be considered as a time-varying predictor , that is it changes throughout the measurement period. To what extend do preseason differences in vVO2max “explain” differences during late in-season games? vVO2max could have been measured at repeated time-points (i.e preseason, post preseason, midseason, late inseason) within the season and enter the model as a time-varying predictor. Alternatively due to the maximal effrot required to obtain reliable vVO2max values, sub-maximal fitness indices could have been used.

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