What performance-related variables best differentiate between eliminated and qualified teams for the knockout phase of UEFA Champions League?

SPSR25_Almeida C_180417_final-1SPSR25_Almeida C_180417_final-2SPSR25_Almeida C_180417_final-3

PDF file: SPSR25_Almeida C_180417_final

Dataset: Click here to download

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  1. Your paper confirms what I published, as an Academic Paper, in England back in 2016 and re-confirms what my research has shown since 2013/2014. What you fail to capture here is that the ‘summation’ of some of these indicators (parts) actually shows even higher correlation (differentiation) than just the parts viewed individually; you also exclude penetration into the attacking final third (passes in that zone of play separate from general passes across the pitch). You should read this presentation I built awhile ago: https://chrisgluck.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/possession-with-purpose-tsi-v21.pdf it’s published as part of this article: https://possessionwithpurpose.com/2017/08/01/gluck-updated-possession-with-purpose-and-the-new-total-soccer-index/

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