Where is sport science? Self-reported training methods of mixed martial arts athletes and coaches during fight – camp


  1. Thanks Mr Batra for this study which make completely sense for someone working with combat sports.
    The implementation of resistance circuit training, the lack of monitoring, the lack of neck strengthening exercises etc.
    You put numbers on several key practices and beliefs that we also observed on our side.
    The only criticism I could make is the emphasis on Olympic lifts in your article. The benefits of a well designed program including Olympic lifts delivered by a well trained and experienced weight lifting coach can’t be denied. However, other kind of power training exists such as ballistic training that could be as effective than Olympic lifts but less technical in nature. I observed some strength and conditioning coaches feeling obliged to implement Olympic lifts in their program while not mastering completely the technic and the way the teach it.
    Kind regards

  2. Dear Dr Caillaud, thank you for your comment. 100% agree with your point of view however thanks to great work of Suchomel et al. “Weightlifting pulling derivatives: rationale for implementation and application.” coaches might consider pulling derivatives which may develop power as well as full lifts without technical problems. Personally I think that strength level should be take into consideration first before type of exercise is selected. We know that in relatively weak athletes – strength training is as much effective in power production as typical power training.

    Best regards, Amit Batra

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